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Happy Couples: Latha & Rajkumar

Wedding Date: 15-07-2013

"I stole her heart, so I am stealing his last name"! Surely picture speaks a thousand words, and is exactly my inference of this couple after a candid catch up.

Mr. X is one of those romantic men who can measure up to any length to make his wife happy. He is the philosophical soul who qualifies easily as a bewitched lover! This interview was no less than love at its zenith! A Bengali couple; Mr. X and Y are just months married, living in two different cities, with a yearning to convey their love

For each other through me. Back then, Mr. X had sent a request from Digambar Jains to Y, and the lady had shown less interest as her academics had been priority. Later, when it came back all over falling into her lap, her family knew this would tick and how!

Mr. X saw Y the first time and says he, "I had anxiously waited long to see her and when the moment arrived, I lived a lifetime".

Whirlwind romance...

"My husband is extremely possessive about me, so much that he makes me repeat the name Y Sankarshan Dey 20 times a day. He is grounded and an absolute pillar of strength. He makes sure I grow in my career, and has begun to fulfil my dreams. He planned an exotic trip to Sri Lanka as I love that country, and vowed to make every honeymoon special".

In the name of traditions!

A modern day couple; husband an electrical engineer, lady an assistant professor in chemical engineering, and what touched my heart was their respect for Indian culture. "Undoubtedly, we were in love before marriage but we both made a conscious decision to never meet as it might prove a dislike to both families. And, elders are our pivotal support".

"Though I am a Bengali, I never wanted a Bengali husband as I am totally captivated by Punjabi culture, but I am lucky to have him, his family, especially a mom in law who says 'keep working' as she too was a teacher".

"We believe in living life to the fullest. So, the moment we find time, we go outdoors and chill out"! Says Sankarshan.

In the centre of a mad love story, lies a space of yearning and sometimes pursuing passions...We wish them much love test.


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